Trauma Matters

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First published in 2002, Trauma Matters is a quarterly publication dedicated to the dissemination of information on trauma and best-practices in trauma-informed care. Below is a selection of our most recent editions.


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Trauma Matters Fall 2021

Inside this issue:

Every Memory Deserves
Respect: EMDR, the proven trauma therapy with the power to heal 
Featured Resource: ISTSS
Trauma & The Arts: Putting History Behind you 



Trauma Matters Summer 2021

Inside this issue:

Prescription Digital Therapeutics to Treat Substance Use Disorder
Featured Resource:
The Seed Keeper 
Ask the Experts:
An Interview with Caroline Sennett 



Trauma Matters Pride Throwback

Inside this issue:

A Rainbow Laced With Pain

Understanding Trauma & Minority Stress for LGBTQ+ Individuals

How Trauma Associated with
Identifying as LGBTQ+ can be
Expressed in Art


Proud Portrait

Trauma Matters Spring 2021

Inside this issue:

Covid’s Answer to Compassion Fatigue 
Featured Resource: DMHAS’ COACH
Ask the Experts:
An Interview with Dr. Barent Walsh 
Punching the Air: A Novel on the Trauma of Injustice and Promise of Art in Recovery 
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Trauma Matters Winter 2021

Inside this issue:

Trauma and the Arts

Ask the Experts: An Interview with Ruta Mazelis

Virtual Therapy: The Future and the Past

Featured Resource: Help is Here

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Trauma Matters Fall 2020

Inside this issue:

Personal Trauma Story

Facing Trauma Head On

The Truth About Us

Ask the Experts: An Interview with

James ‘Moe’ Armstrong

Featured Resource:

Trauma & Recovery Conference

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Trauma Matters Summer 2020

Inside this issue:

Trauma-Informed Spaces in the

Midst of a Pandemic

Family Violence and COVID-19

Ask the Experts: A Survey of CT Providers

Grief Amplified + Mourning Interrupted

Featured Resource:

Training and Techincal

Assistance Related to COVID-19

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Image by Jakayla Toney

Trauma Matters Spring 2020

Inside this issue:

The Circle of Security Parenting

Ask the Experts: An Interview with

DCF Commissioner Dorantes

Foundational Steps to Creating a

Trauma-Informed School

Telemental Health

Featured Resource:

Time to go to Sesame Street?