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Greetings to all Consortium supporters,

How do I even begin to describe 2020? In more ways than one, this year has brought exceptional pain and heartbreak to our families, friends, and extended communities. Quaint, privileged thoughts from March about our “new normal” seem distant from the life so many are living today. But in the end, they were prophetic. We are experiencing a new normal.

2020’s normal demands a platform to discuss racial justice and equity, making central issues that many have ignored for years. At The Connecticut Women’s Consortium, we have taken our first steps in becoming an anti-racist organization. In response to the summer’s protests, we released a statement calling for racial equity and inclusion in the behavioral health field and beyond. Since then, we have formed an Equity and Inclusion staff committee. It’s a small start and from a historical perspective, it is delayed; however, I remain encouraged that The Consortium can grow into an organization capable of listening to and advocating for the needs of Black and non-Black people of color.

2020’s normal requires inventive strategies to continue our trainings. In 2019, we added a second floor of offices and brand-new training space to our list of venues. In 2020, we added Zoom! This expansion to the world of virtual trainings has opened new doors for The Consortium. For the first time, we are able to offer live trainings across the country. Staff has not hesitated in preparing and delivering on our promise to continue providing high-quality trainings to the behavioral health workforce. In 2020’s normal, it is all the more important to ensure that the professionals providing mental health care to isolated, anxious and scared clients are equipped to manage any scenario sent their way.

For the better part of the year, The Consortium staff and I have been working from home, connecting only through video conferencing, messaging, and email (thank goodness for 2020 technology!). We planned our inaugural Trauma & Recovery Conference from our home offices -- launching what I hope to be the first in a series of deep-cut, critical conferences analyzing the dynamics of trauma and resilience.
As an extrovert, I feel lonely at times; nonetheless, I remain inspired by the hard
work and dedication of my team.


Thank you all for your continued support during this unusually difficult year. I commend your resilience.

May 2021 bring a brighter year for all of us!


Colette Anderson, LCSW
Executive Director

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