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Rent our Space

the Consortium's 4th floor training space

The Consortium has one training room that can be converted into two spaces. As one room the space fits 75 people classroom style with tables in the back of the room and to the side available for buffet lunch and coffee. When the room is divided, both rooms can hold about 35 to 40 people. Our tables have wheels, are easy to move, and can be rearranged in various ways.


Our space has full-length windows that provide the room with natural lighting and views of Sleeping Giant in Hamden. We work hard to provide a colorful, positive, and supportive learning space for our trainers and attendees. We also

embrace trauma-informed, gender-responsive care values in our space! You will see items like tissues, hand sanitizers, cough drops, tea and bathrooms items like lysol, lotion, and sanitary napkins at our space.  


The Consortium is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For any questions about the room or your event setup, please contact our training department at (203) 909-6888 x 2.



Room Features

  • Interactive Display System – In the front of the room with an additional display in the back

  • Audio system with surround sound speakers and 4 microphones (2 lavaliere or headsets and 2 handhelds).

    • Our systems plays sound from the laptop, has preloaded music, and can be controlled from the wall.

  • PowerPoint pointers, and laptops

  • Whiteboard, flip charts, easels, markers, and craft supply cart in the room. 

  • Industrial coffee maker

  • Water Cooler - Hot & Cold Water

  • Air conditioning

  • Projector, webcam and screen available on request​​


What We Offer

  • Wellness room, for calls or private space for nursing mothers

  • Refreshments and lunch 

  • Introduction of presenters and explanation of the space to attendees

  • Sign-in and sign-out tables at entrance for registration

  • Electronic Evaluations and Certificates after event

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