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Training Catalog

At the Connecticut Women’s Consortium, we strive to provide quality continuing education for behavioral health professionals. Each year we prepare a diverse catalog of trainings which cover topics ranging from the healing arts to concrete clinical skills. Our offerings include insights from leading behavioral health trainers and a proportionally appropriate number of Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).

Furthermore, we understand that it can be difficult to give multiple staff members time off to attend a training off-site; thus, we offer a variety of private training options and topics that we can bring directly to your organization. We can offer virtually any training you see in our training catalog on a private basis. If you don’t see what you are looking for within the catalog, feel free to reach out and we can create a custom training to fit your needs.


For more information about our trainings and programs, please review our Training Catalog or Private Training.


Winter 2024
January - March

Fall 2023
October - December


Online Course Catalog

(To download the On-Demand catalog as a PDF select the down arrow in the upper left-hand corner. To view the catalog in full screen, select the square at the bottom right. )
Online Course Catalog
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