Healing Trauma & Exploring Trauma Projects

(Formerly Intimate Partner Violence Project) 

Men and women who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or the effects of trauma can often benefit from group therapy programs that address these issues. Oftentimes these programs help women and men involved with the criminal justice system as many do not know about the long-terms effects of abuse and trauma.


Healing Trauma by Stephanie Covington, PhD with Eileen Russo, MA is a short-term, 6-session, group treatment curriculum, designed to help women to recover from the effects of trauma, help them grow, and guide them towards healthy relationships and happier lives. The distinction of a brief 5-session intervention is important as they can often be completed in settings where there is a limited amount of time such as at a correctional facility or even as an introduction to trauma before other treatment for example before substance use treatment.  


The project was expanded to men’s treatment groups using the Exploring Trauma curriculum in 2016. Exploring Trauma is a new curriculum by Stephanie Covington, PhD and Roberto Rodriguez designed specifically as a short-term intervention for men. 


The Healing Trauma & Exploring Trauma Projects trains agency staff and organizes additional facilitators to run trauma treatment groups. As these programs are good interventions for correctional facilities and criminal justice populations we run groups at York Correctional Institute for women and criminal justice agencies, but are not exclusive to these agencies.


The evaluation piece of this project for women has shown a reduction in both trauma symptoms and rates of depression and is group model for both community and criminal justice settings. 


Temporarily funded through the summer of 2016 by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services this project has ended. However data from the project is forthcoming. 

6-session trauma groups & staff training


2008 - 2016


758 Women completed the program by 2015


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Funding ended June 2016

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services


Seeking Additional Funding


Formerly titled the Intimate Partner Violence Project


Healing Trauma & Exploring Trauma

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